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Rich Hale, Chief Technology Officer for Active Navigation, discusses the analytics and business intelligence capabilities within his company's product.   He  describes how such capabilities can be used to take action on content held on fileshares, SharePoint and on Microsoft Exchange email servers.

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Mark Godfrey discusses the reasons why he and Simon Cole co-founded Automated Intelligence, and describes how the company set out to fill the gaps between SharePoint and a fully fledged Enterprise Content Management product



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Andrew Warland discusses the information architecture choices that UnitingCare NSW.ACT made in their SharePoint implementation

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Laurence Hart discusses trends in collaboration software and records management software

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Barbara Reed  discusses the Australian contribution to records management theory, and in particular the development by Frank Upward and others of the records continuum theory.

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Cassie Findlay talks about the redrafting of the International Records Management Standard (ISO 15489).    Cassie is project lead for the working group charged with the redrafting.


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David Gould, Global product manager for HP Control Point,  explains how the product can be put to use to govern content in repositories such as fileshares, SharePoint and Exchange

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Jean Mourain (Vice-President of Global Strategy at RSD) talks about the manage-in-place approach to records management, and about the RSD Glass information governance platform

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Tim Callister assesses the earth's geological record against the International Records Management Standard's criteria for what constitutes a good recordkeeping system.

Heather Jack updates us on the proposed revision to the International Records Management Standard

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Scott Sammons discusses his work as European Data Protection Co-ordinator in a European bank.

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Lee Meyrick (Director of Information Management at Nuix) discusses Nuix's indexing engine and its uses for eDiscovery and information governance

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Barclay T.Blair and James Lappin discuss the relationship between big data, information governance and records management

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Cheryl Mckinnon discusses with James Lappin how developments in the eDiscovery, e-mail archiving and information governance markets are resulting in the appearance of new kinds of records management tools


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Hugh Hagan and Heather Jack  discuss the Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011


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Paul Gibbons discusses with James Lappin the use of private e-mail accounts in UK government and beyond

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Chris Walker discusses auto classification and issues around e-mail with James Lappin


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